Building resilience in an age of disruption.

Our programs measurably strengthen the mindfulness and resilience of individuals, leaders and teams.

Three key insights  you will gain from our programs

What we do

Since 2007, our internationally recognized programs have strengthened the Mindfulness and Resilience of individuals, leaders and teams. We have enabled over 100,000 people, in 19 countries, to measure and develop their Resilience when facing change and disruption. Our programs equip people with the tools to be more emotionally agile, make better decisions and maintain higher levels of well-being and performance during stressful times.

In addition, we certify coaches and corporate facilitators into the “Personal Resilience Practitioner” (PRP) program. The PRP is the most proven and globally recognized resilience designation and is backed by 30 years of scientific research and development. Certification provides a structured methodology and tools (including a detailed Resilience Profile), which enables individuals or organizations to deliver the program independently – providing measurable, accurate feedback on individual or team Resilience and a road map for its development.

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Actionable, measurable resilience

The good news is that Resilience can be developed. But we’ve taken this one step further. We don’t just develop your team’s Resilience – we develop and measure its progress. Our programs strengthen the Resilience of individuals and teams by driving positive behavioural change that can be measured and sustained.

Identifying and measuring Resilience allows individuals and teams to understand their strengths and challenges, rebound quicker from disruption and let go of unproductive behaviours. It also allows people and teams to be more confident in their ability to absorb and adapt to change that may have previously derailed them.

Our programs, which consistently rate over 90% in participant feedback, create positive change environments that enable people and teams to not just survive disruption – but thrive through it.

Strengthening Personal Resilience

We don’t have control over most change, but we do have control over how we respond to it. The the key to this response is Resilience – and the good news is that it can be developed. Learn how to strengthen your personal resilience and thrive through change and disruption.

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Strengthening Team Resilience

Our programs strengthen the Resilience of teams creating more agile and productive teams, equipped to cope with elevated levels of uncertainty and disruption.

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Resilience and Mindfulness Coaching

We offer 1:1, interactive coaching, coupled with the use of a light touch interactive technology geared to help you stay on track and committed to your objectives.

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Mindful Resilience

Learn mindfulness practices that exercise and strengthen the parts of our brain responsible for helping us to cope better – and bounce back faster – from personal and professional upsets.

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Become A Certified "Personal Resilience Practitioner"

Coaches, Sole-Practitioners and Facilitators – take it to the next level. You can now become certified (virtually), in this globally recognized and highly impactful Resilience program.

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Our clients love working with us because we get results. Leaders and teams gain actionable insights into how they can strengthen their response to disruption and get real-time feedback to measure their progress against desired outcomes.

A major Canadian bank has recognized the importance of Resilience in their business. They have safeguarded their most important resource—104,000 team members—by globally adopting our programs to strengthen their team’s Resilience.

Our Resilience programs are available in English, Spanish and French and have a global reach, with clients in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific enjoying the benefits of more resilient, agile, productive teams.


The best way to demonstrate the impact of our programs is to hear it from our clients – in their own words

The program gave me the knowledge to view change differently and the daily reminder helped me to consciously make an effort to change my mindset. I believe that anyone who is struggling with change or about to face change will benefit from this program.

Al McDermott

Director, Compliance , Scotiabank

Maigus has developed a suite of programs that are the best that I have ever experienced, simple to understand and highly effective – both for individuals and teams. These programs will survive your career. I would highly recommend them to anyone undergoing planned, or unplanned change.

Geoff Ball

VP, Sales and Operations, Ericsson, USA

We engaged Maigus to provide Resilience coaching for one of our key senior managers. Maigus provided a customized needs assessment followed by a structured set of reading materials, exercises and in-person sessions. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with the individual gaining valuable insights into strategies to most effectively cope within our rapidly changing business environment.

Rob Ryan

CEO, Cambridge Forums

We benefited greatly from the Resilience program. Some staff personally thanked me for the program and said that they found it extremely useful. I’m very happy to hear that and that speaks very well of you efforts. Thank you!

Sivadas Menon

CEO, The Bank of Nova Scotia, Berhad, Malaysia

Be resilient, be your best – let’s talk!