Our Programs Are Different And The Key To ‘Better Change’™

The key to successfully implementing change is your team. The key to your team successfully navigating change is Resilience.

Incorporating the most recent advances in Neuroscience and Resilience, and using the latest in digital technology, we enable your leaders and teams to discover how they emotionally “show up” to change. We then equip them with the tools to adopt sustainable behavioural and mindset changes to strengthen their Resilience, promote agility, well-being and drive change performance.

The Programs

Strengthening Change Resilience (For individuals)
Strengthening Team Resilience (For leaders and their teams)

We don’t have control over most change, but we do have control over how we respond to it. The the key to this response is Resilience – and the good news is that it can be developed.  But we don’t just develop your team’s Resilience – we develop and measure its progress.

Our programs strengthen the Resilience of individuals and teams and drive positive behavioural change that can be measured and sustained.


CHANGE the way you and your teams emotionally react and respond to change and disruption – for the better.

DEVELOP a tailored strategy to realize change objectives by using incremental behavioural and mindset modifications, tracked and measured with the latest in interactive digital technology.

DRIVE sustained performance and well being, by employing the latest neuroscience findings and tools to successfully transition change.

BETTER CHANGE by creating more resilient, agile and productive leaders and teams, who can cope with elevated levels of uncertainty and disruption.

Resilience Coaching For Personal Effectiveness

We’re dedicated to working with you to achieve your desired level of personal effectiveness and success. We offer 1:1, interactive coaching, coupled with the use of a light touch interactive technology guaranteed to help you stay on track and committed to your objectives.


A NEW PERSPECTIVE through the use of reusable tools and techniques that you can use to reframe and re-evaluate experiences and information.

GOAL ACHIEVEMENT with help from the latest in digital technology to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

SUCCESS in all facets of change, personal and professional, once you are held accountable and are committed to removing the barriers to your success.

BETTER CHANGE with increased resilience, lower stress levels and proven strategies to master change and disruption.

Mindful Resilience

Recent findings in the field of neuroscience have proven that we have the ability to rewire our brain, to allow us to become more resilient, by consciously changing our brains. We do this through the use of mindfulness practices.

Drawing on the work of current Mindfulness and Neuroscience thought leaders, the Mindful Resilience workshop uses the principles of mindfulness for developing and strengthening Resilience


STRENGTHEN BRAIN FITNESS with mindfulness practices that exercise and strengthen the parts of our brain responsible for helping us to cope better – and bounce back faster – from personal and professional upsets.

CHANGE YOUR BRAIN to manage stress and disruption through mindfulness practices that are proven to reduce the size and impact of your fight or flight response.

BE PRESENT and more creative. Solve problems with less effort and strengthen relationships.

BETTER CHANGE with the knowledge and skills to stay in the moment and bring our best selves forward.

Leading Through Change

Our Leading Through Change workshop is a proven strategy for preparing leaders to successfully lead through change –  because we know that effective leadership is the most important factor in a successful change initiative.

This program is for people leaders who are looking to enhance their ability to be agile in how they manage through turbulence, and who recognize that the disruption caused by change requires a different leadership approach.


REDUCE resistance by learning to identify the root of resistance and techniques for mitigating it.

MANAGE the emotional response to change by drawing on findings in neuroscience to identify the root of threat in relation to organizational changes.

STRONGER (SELF) LEADERSHIP awareness on how you “show up” to change and disruption form the perspective of those around you.

BETTER CHANGE with the knowledge and skills to increase buy-in, engagement and support.

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All programs can be customized to specific client needs, delivered in-person or remotely and range from 1:1 coaching, to global enterprise in their application. For enterprise programs, talk to us about our certification option. We’re poised to meet your most diverse needs and ready to get started!

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