Mindfulness is a superhighway to strengthening your resilience

We use the practice of mindfulness to help strengthen the resilience of individuals, leaders and teams, because experience has shown us that this is the most expedient way to accomplish sustained resilience.

Neuroscience and Mindfulness

Studies have proven that mindfulness practiced on a consistent basis, reduces anxiety, alleviates stress and calms the sympathetic nervous system. Mindfulness has a direct effect on the “fight or flight” centre of the brain and helps to mitigate negative emotional responses.

The characteristics that make us resilient reside in the executive part of our brain – the logical, rational and decision-making centres, rather than the “fight or flight” centres.

Calm, cool and collected

Combining mindfulness with resilience enables us to stay in the rational, logical part of our brains and make better decisions when we most need to. Applying Mindfulness helps us to maintain our equilibrium and provide continued access to our resilience characteristics.

In the last several years our Mindful Resilience Program has become one of our most requested programs. Make Mindful Resilience your superhighway.

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