About Us

Maigus has globally assisted thousands of people and teams to successfully become more resilient and productive when facing change and disruption.

At the partner level, Mike Hackett and Terri Duguay possess 40 years of combined organizational change experience. Both are recognized authorities and speakers on the role that Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity and Resilience play in individual and team reactions and responses to change – and how that positively or negatively impacts change performance and outcomes.

Based on experience and the latest advances in brain science, Maigus has developed a suite of proven programs that build and sustain Change Resilience and provide a competitive advantage for individuals and teams facing disruption or change. These programs equip individuals and teams to do ‘Better Change.’™

Maigus (may-gus) n., pl. “People regarded as having great wisdom or powers.”

Terri Duguay


Terri is a Managing Partner at Maigus, an OD consulting firm with a global reach, that equips people, leaders and teams with the tools to develop more agile and positive responses to disruption, change and stress. She possesses over 25 years of executive experience, spanning multiple industries and sectors.

Terri is a Certified Change Management Professional, Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Master Resilience Coach. She holds a Master’s Degree from York University and sits on several boards that promote the development of women’s entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Mike Hackett

With an executive background in Business Development, Sales Training, Marketing and Change Capability (in Europe and North America), Mike assists leaders and teams to navigate change, disruption and stress more effectively.

He is a Managing Partner at Maigus, a Certified Facilitator, Executive Coach, keynote speaker and media contributor, who is recognized as a leader in the field of building and sustaining personal and team Resilience.

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