Make a difference – facilitate, coach and lead with resilience

The “Personal Resilience Practitioner” Certification (PRP) equips participants with the knowledge and expertise to deliver the tools, concepts and practices of personal and team resilience in a format that can be easily understood, assimilated and acted upon. This program can be used for one-on-one coaching, or the facilitation of groups and teams in a virtual or classroom environment.

Science-based, tested and proven

The “Personal Resilience Practitioner” Certification is backed by over 30 years of R&D, proven accuracy, high retest reliability and participant validation.

The program is currently delivered in over 19 countries, is available in 14 languages and maintains a 90% positive participant impact rating.

The Personal Resilience Profile (PRP) provides the science-based foundation of this program and serves as a measurable and accurate indicator of individual and team resilience. The PRP provides an easy to understand, on-line generated report, based upon 7 resilience characteristics.

The program comprises of modules that are fully customizable. These can be used on their own, or can be used in conjunction with other well-being related programs or materials.





Certification process


The Certification process consists of 4 webinars – 3 hours each – over a six week period, plus pre-work assignments for each session. 

Upon successful completion, participants receive the “Personal Resilience Practitioner” designation/certificate, access to the on-line course materials and access to administer and debrief the on-line, Personal Resilience Profile.

Certified practitioners also receive An instructor/coach kit with reproducible slides and handouts, activity materials, detailed facilitator notes and access to on-going  product updates and platform support.

Certification fee: $3,950.00pp (CDN)


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