3 Mindfulness Practices That Will Strengthen Your Personal Resilience

  • On April 11, 2018
By Terri Duguay – Managing Partner, Maigus Does this sound familiar?: “Once I get through this pile of work, or the kids go to university, or when I retire – then I’ll feel less stressed!” Most of us have said something similar, and most of us know this isn’t how it works. Changing or modifying […]
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Develop Your Positivity For Better Resilience

  • On March 21, 2018
Terri Duguay – Managing Partner, Maigus Change, disruption, and stress are here to stay. So, what can we do about it? Most of it, such as organizational change is out of our hands, leaving us feeling uncertain and drained due to a heightened sense of uncertainty and ambiguity. Complicating this is the expectation that we […]
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